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Q: When Dys is attacked by multiple monsters how many times does his passive occur?
A: Just once. When monsters perform an attack action a hero gets hit for damage equal to the combined offense of all monsters assigned to them. This means if 3 Goblins are assigned to Dys he would get hit for 5 damage ((2+2+2)-1) 

Q: How many times can Skarlbog perform his Blood Letting ability on a single attack action?
A: Just once.

Q: Can Maldor target himself with Divine Strike, and if so, does he also benefit from Mending?
A: Yes and Yes.

Q: Can Nora target herself with Inspiring Presence?

A: No.


Q: Does Mimic count as a Silver Chest for the purpose of spawn monster rolls?

A: Yes.

Loot Cards

Q: What happens if a Loot Card deck is empty?

A: When an instance would cause a loot card of the appropriate type to be spawned, it does not spawn instead.

Q: When is a hero affected by Scroll of Fervor's effect?

A: When a hero makes an attack action, and they are within range of the hero who used the card. 


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